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Onoja in Anyigba, preaches unity at fundraising ceremony for Igala Unity House project


The Chief of Staff to Governor Yahaya Bello, Chief Edward Onoja has urged all Igala leaders and stakeholders in the affairs of Nigeria to give preference to the unity of the country and Kogi State in particular.


The Chief of Staff who said this while addressing Igala sons, daughters and friends who converged in Ayingba on Sunday to raise 100million for the renovation of the Igala Unity House; hammered more on the need for the people to entrench unity in all spheres.


He said unity should be actively taught and relentlessly practised by elders and stakeholders to afford the coming generation the opportunity to stand firmly undivided.


According to the Chief of Staff, there are no feats people and the society cannot achieve by working harmoniously together,” adding, “successes can be attained and problems can be solved through the strength of unity.


"I would like to start by saying that the strength of any society or nation lies strongly in the degree of unity amongst its people, the importance of unity cannot be overemphasized.”


Quoting from the Bible to buttress his point, Onoja said with unity, a generation after Noah resolved to build a city and a tower to reach heaven and were almost succeeding until it was altered by God.


He suggested mentorship as the key methodology that must be adopted by leaders to bring about unity, saying, “It takes leaders who understand true leadership to sustain unity in actions and words.”


Speaking further, the Chief of Staff said conflicts, ill feelings and misalignment amongst Igala people, no matter the magnitude must be addressed and not to be swept under the carpet, stressing that "disunity is like cancer that cannot be wished away no matter how hard we try and can seriously impede on the success of any team, group or people, if left unattended to.”


He noted that the Igala Unity House when completed would be an edifice that the next generation would remember them for, adding that “true leadership always seeks to meet the needs of others rather than self.”


Onoja expressed optimism that there is an emerging youthful generation of Igala leaders who believe in Oma-Igala, the Igala kingdom and the welfare of the people, and are competent enough to even lead the country.


"Today we are gathered here as sons and daughters, friends and well-wishers of the people to play our parts in transforming this beloved old house into a modern cultural and civic centerpiece. It is a proof of unity.


"Today, those who conceived this laudable project are not as important as those who will pinch into their resources to help to actualise the remodelling of the structure, however, as important as our role are today, the greater significance is that generations of Igala will remember how we unite to build something for them to enjoy, “ he explained.


The Chief of Staff said no matter how terrible things have become in the crises of leadership and followership, the Attah of Igala, His Royal Majesty, Doctor Michael Ameh Oboni II still stands tall as the father of all.


He expressed appreciation to the Royal father for his style of leadership and mentorship which have kept hope alive in the land.


On the fundraising, all the political appointees from Igala kingdom in the administration of Governor Yahaya Bello, who were led to the ceremony by the Chief of Staff pledged to contribute over over N23M to make the project a reality.


Alhaji Jibrin Isah Echocho, who chaired the occasion donated N5m, while others made donations within their various capacities towards the success of the project.


Governor Yahaya Bello is expected to sum up the actual amount that will be needed for the renovation and completion of the project after friends and well-wishers must have made their donations.