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Sowore will go to jail. -Senator Dino Melaye. My Take, by Popoola Sarafadeen

Firstly, I have watched Senator Dino Melaye rained insults on prominent Nigerians like President Buhari, Former president Obasanjo, Senator Bola Tinubu among others. Now, let us assume that Dino Melaye truly graduated from ABU in 1999, I have the following questions for him;

1. Is Dino Melaye fully aware that Obasanjo was a minister in 1974, vice president in 1975, Military head of state in 1976 and then civilian president in 1999?
2. Mr. Dino, are you fully aware that president Buhari was a governor in 1976, a minister in 1978 and then military head of state in 1983?
3. Mr. Melaye, when after insulting Senator Tinubu and his wife openly in the red chamber while you still chased him to his Lagos home to fight him, did you remember that Mr Tinubu was a Senator in 1979, 1992 and has already become Lagos state governor by 1999 when claimed to have graduated?
4. Were you sent to the national assembly by your people to go and be using the portfolio of the Senate to build popularity through insulting prominent Nigerians?
5. If you (Dino Melaye) were the president today, would you have processed the killing or jailing of Sowore or anyone for publishing your blunders in the national interest?
6. Mr Dino Melaye, what makes you believe that those influential people you have been openly insulting couldn't have crushed you if they so wished but chosed to allow life to take care of you?
7. Do you have culture as an African? Let us assume that you were born when these great men started treating national issues, are they your father's mates?
For your information, 'Sahara reporters' is a U.S based online media, we are aware that your N5b damage suit against them had been dismissed this morning on reaching court because issues of internet jurisdiction is still an issue that has not been judicially settled in the international law worldwide.
I will advise you to honorably organize a press conference and show the proof of your graduation, rather than engaging yourself in pettiness by persistent exchange of words with Sowore of 'Sahara reporters', he's only doing his own business.
And frankly, I am ashamed of the constituency that reduces the level of our national assembly to the class of Senator Dino Melaye