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Lokoja: How controversial Pastor Enojo gets pummeled for Forcefully trying to deliver Mentally challenged man


In a highly dramatic turn of the intention of a popular Pastor known as Enojo in Lokoja, the Kogi State capital, to heal a mentally challenged man, the intention turned physical between the duo as the mad man ended up giving the Pastor the beating of his life.

Our correspondent, who was among the hoard of crowd that witnessed the ironic event, reports that the Pastor had come to the scene, in his usual characteristic to demonstrate the power of the Holy Spirit to provide succor for mankind. 

According to him, he further gathered that the Pastor is fond of going to provide healing for people with mental challenges, some of which have been rumored to Be stage managed to hoodwink unsuspecting public. 

On this occasion however, it seemed, according What another eyewitness told our correspondent, the Pastor met a "truly mad man," as he put it. 

However, the Pastor in question quickly  fled scene of the incident when the crowd managed to free him from the grip of the mad man before he could be interviewed by our correspondent.