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More Mess in Kogi PDP: Wada Lambasts Ibro, says he has no Fear of Allah

...Claims he paid Ibro N4.5b from state purse

By Mohammed Yabagi

Uneasy calm in Kogi PDP since it lost power to APC in 2015 could no longer hold as two of its successive governors are beginning to wash their dirty linens in public.

The tirade of abuses that was exchanged by former Governor Ibrahim Idris (Ibro) and his successor in power, Alhaji Idris Wada, all of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), has shown glaringly that things have really fallen apart for the party ahead of 2019.

Former Governor Wada, to the chagrin of PDP followers in a congress in Lokoja, openly accosted his predecessor and political benefactor, Ibro as a “man without the fear of Allah.”

Wada claimed that N4.5b was given out to Ibro as cost for bringing him to power as Kogi State Governor.

The souring of their romance is not unconnected with their quest to wrestle power from the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) which has continued to gain more membership as people from all the Senatorial Districts of the state are moving in multitudes to the ruling party.

Wada had at the party Congress in the state allegedly confessed how he paid Ibro the sum of N4.5b, with further balance of N500 m as fund the former claimed to have spent to bring the latter to power as Kogi State Governor.

His words: “Before he (Ibro) brought me as Governor of Kogi state, I was informed to pay up that sum of money (N4.5b). But he is fighting me today because I could not pay him the balance of N500m.”

Governor Wada as reported in the media, used the state monthly allocation to pay Ibro through his driver, Alhaji Hamidu, on instalment before arriving at that huge amount of money.

The aggrieved former governor said the least he paid Ibro using the state resources was N120m when the allocation from the federation’s account was becoming meagre

“I don't want to remain silent any longer because Ibro has damaged my reputation in Kogi state and Nigeria in general,” he said.

Alhaji Wada condemned Ibro and his son Suleiman Idris for their “mischievous attempts” to bring disunity to the party, saying “I’m the leader of the PDP in Kogi state based on the party constitution, and not Ibro who lacks the knowledge and the fear of Almighty Allah.”

He said “Alhaji Ibro is trying to impose my younger brother, Engr Musa Wada as gubernatorial candidate for the state in 2019. Governorship position in the state is not a family affair.”